Thursday, October 25, 2012

Not today, tomorrow!

He stood in front of them. A huge crowd of students. He was supposed to make his speech. His secretary had prepared one for him with all the mushy, nice and inspiring words; he had read through it once but it didn't even register in his mind. He had already decided that he wasn't gonna read that.

It was his father's anniversary and he was standing in the school that was founded by his father, now managed by the company's trust. After the old man, the reins had come into his hands; many expected him to choke. He had surprised them. Press reporters would ask, "What is the secret of your success?", "Would you like to share it with us?". He never minded them. It was pointless to talk about it to them. To those who were sitting in front of him however, the situation was completely different.

He shoved the speech into his pocket, coughed and began.

"My dad's ill health began quite sometime before his death. He knew it was coming. He himself wasn't sure whether I could keep up the company. He called me one day and told me this :

"Some people like their world to be big, huge; others small. It is only a matter of perspective and not being blown away. Those in their smaller worlds make the full use of it and be happy. But those who aim for the enormity are the ones who become legends. The horizon can never be reached. The question is not, 'How big is your world ?', the question is, 'How big can your world become?' "

This gave me a lot to think about. So I ask you all the same thing. How big can your world become?"

Most of them seemed to not understand; but a few were there, those who stood out; those with the twinkle in their eyes. He saw them. He felt relieved. His job was done.

PS : How big can your world become?