Thursday, August 18, 2011

Good morning, wake up!

Dated : 13/08/2011

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If you ask anyone who your roll model is, their answer is most likely to depend on their age, the most diversified ones being those of kids. Kids are fascinated very easily and their role-models range from a man-in-tights to his very own 'Papa' :-D Elders, on the other hand, are usually staunch followers of a particular person who inspired them over the course of their hair-line recession.

The category of age that falls in between, the earlier part of it, namely the youth are those with the unstable mind. They, still being children , do tend to be strongly influenced by whatever be 'the phenomenon' that rules the media at that particular point of time. This is particularly sad, and the link mentioned stamped 'OK' the stereotype.

With the debate around all the matters of corruption being influential on the youth(as it should rightly be), it is heartening to see that the youth see 'Corruption' as the biggest threat to society. Yet, a relative 3 out of 10 would pay up quietly to get the job done(the real culprits are among the remaining 7).

My friend once said, "We were fans when we used to talk incessantly about yesterday's movie/sporting event, we became fanatics when the punch dialogue/scoreline became our status update and the guy our DP!". Bull's eye.!

Behold the statistic! It says that the majority of the youth think that "India's greating achievement in the past 5 years was the winning of Cricket World Cup!".I would like to remind them that the Chandrayan wasn't launched more than 5 years back. LOL at the fact that it wasn't even there in the options! Well, that's just one example. I do agree that in a country, so filled with corruption that the newspapers could dedicate a page to it daily, 'other achievements' do happen other than winning the world cup. There's nothing that I wish to say in particular and the link may get archived very soon. Maybe I should say "Jaago re!" :-P And, also learn the difference between 'rolemodel' and 'youth icon'. I think they were very confused when they replied with 'Sachin Tendulkar'  when asked "Who do you think is close to being your rolemodel?"

P.S.: I sat up during the night to see the match that day and I missed the launch.

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