Monday, October 17, 2011

Attempts & Fear

And there I was, sitting in my home, watching bleach when a high-pitched drumming sound and a familiar smell distracted me. It was rain. I smiled. I don't know why, but whenever I see the rain, I smile. Maybe, its because rain is a sign that change is coming. That warm sunny days and gloomy rainy days come from the same vast blue sky.

Along with rain, came his two buddies. Lightning and Thunder.

In typical fashion. The perfect split-second gap between the two.

And, so I began thinking of something else. Something, apparently unrelated, but still related in my empty head.

If you ask someone, which one they fear, their answer is 90% thunder. "Oh, the horrible and deafening sound!", they'd tell you. But then, science tells you that lighning is the one which you should fear. For those who've forgotten the basic "funda" behind it, lightning is the electricity which is discharged when clouds meet. Thunder is merely the dissipation of the extra energy of lightning. And so, if something were to kill you, it'd be lightning.

Now, why the blah blah?

That what I thought was of fear. We fear not, what is to be feared but on the other things. This attached picture probably describes it the best. And, the final sentence, is the one which I love most.

Why are we so hesitant to try again? What is so wrong in it? So what if we didn't win first time? If you didn't try again, its utterly meaningless. Are you afraid someone will laugh at you again? Nothing is more stupid than that. Success is sweet when its obtained first-time; when our efforts pay off immediately. But the, its even sweeter when its gotten after failure. That is when you smirk at failure and say, "I always believed you weren't permanent!". Even in trivial video games, don't we hit the "Retry" button just to see the hero win it? Cynicists may argue that, video games are designed for the hero to win always. I agree, but then, that's a sore loser's quote.


What you are, and what you do, are results of your own attempts and tries. When you're on the edge of giving up, go for it just one more time. It doesn't hurt that much to try once more !

Don't ever give up. If you believe in luck, continue. Its a wonderful thing. But then, do not slack on your effort because luck has the peculiar habit of not being there when you "depend" on it. Its either you or rejection. What you choose, will decide what is permanent. Success stories are not fairy tales. You may become "that person" in a story very soon in the future.


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