Monday, March 25, 2013

Brace Yourselves!

No, this is not going to be a post on Game of Thrones, though I'm eagerly awaiting Season 3, which is about to come out this Sunday. Waiting for a TV series, without reading the book ( similarly with manga and anime ) is quite tough but is, at most times, worth the wait. But then, let me not go into something that I claim that this post is not about.

For the past 2 days, there have some really happy teenagers, whose face reactions remind me of these 2 memes.

Seriously, this is the reaction on the faces of those when their parents hand out the keys to their bikes ( Yes, they have bikes already :3 ) or their smartphones ( Oh, don't even get me started ).

The HSC exams ended a couple of days back and to be quite frank, it is only normal that these kids think that they are freed of some serious burden, responsibility and pressure. However, they do seem to have some misconceptions. There are a few general categories, that these "free-birds"( from some random Facebook status )  fall into.

1. The hyperventilating kind : Okay, maybe you screwed up very badly. So, don't bother hyperventilating every time you think about your exams and not sleeping till the day the results are released.

2. The nervous kind : The genuinely nervous kind who know what mistakes they made, and are quite normal about the acceptance and hope that the mistakes don't cost dearly. The performers come under this category mostly.

3. The "Screw-it" kind : The ones to whom these exams were never a big deal in the first place, because making it a big deal would only make things worse.

The normal ones, if you ask me, are the second kind, but in general, to all 3, "WHATEVER HAPPENED, HAPPENED!". Don't gloat over it.

But what is common to all these 3 kinds is that, they think of college as some haven, where all freedom is unrestricted, they become these cool guys with nothing at all to bother about. That, my dear foolish-youngling, is a very very wrong notation.

I won't bother to delve into the specifics of what may/may not happen, but let me assure, college will be very different from your imagination. All I can say is,

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Confessions (n) : A supporting word which follows any institution/city/profession, made into a Facebook page and has random crap in it. It is usually followed by the same name with Proposals, and in some extreme cases, Matrimonials!

Off late, there has been a trend which has quite clearly shown how much percentage cowards and attention-seekers make up the Internet. This has been my viewpoint ever since there has been a plethora of confessions pages on Facebook.

The word confession means you do it to get it off your mind. It means you did something really bad, something that haunts your guilty conscience. You tell it to someone who might

(1) console you telling that it probably is not your fault.
(2) critically judge you, but you probably wanted it; that's why you confessed in the first place.
(3) end their relationship with you because they were directly affected; that probably again, was what you wanted, because you thought getting it out was better than living with guilt.

However, in this new trend, none of these are met. People who post there are either too jobless to do anything else ( Final years of colleges for those college pages ) or attention seekers who post under different names. Sometimes, these people can't even get their facts right in the story that they are cooking up.

Hell, if you are confessing, and you dont like something, you should shout out loud ! You won't name the person to whom the confession is intended, and obviously you wish to remain anonymous, then for what hair, are you posting? I can only think - " attention seeker ".

Sometimes, its so pathetic that the admins of these pages themselves post stuff, to get the barrel rolling. Half of the time, the confessions are not really confessions but supposedly-comic incidents that happened. At most 1 in every 50 is interesting. Others are so void, that even a seal wouldn't clap. And, I haven't even started talking about the Proposals page. What a drag.

However, those 1 in 50, which are really good, provide great timepass for a person who comes to take some time off at Facebook and relax.

To conclude, I think this says best.
To those who post and pretend to lament on these pages : You truly are hypocrites sirs and madams. Seriously, no one gives a fuck.