Friday, July 27, 2012

Contraction, Irritation and One very pissed off fellow!

*cough* *cough*

When e-mails and SMSes were first introduced, their length was limited by the size because there wasn't enough sophistication to send large messages through networks. This led to the coughing up of various short-forms or contractions such as,

Btw - by the way
Fyi - for your info
Imo - in my opinion and some reasonably few to mention. But lets not get into all that.

That very pissed off fellow here, is me. Yes, me only.

Somewhere along the road, these contractions seemed to lose their purpose and began to indicate bad manners. I'd like to point out some examples here.

First of all, please. 'Please' in itself is short for 'if you please'. Now, you people go and further shorten it, in vicariously varied versions like 'pls', 'pl'. If we let, you will further do even 'p'. Why so? You're asking for a favour only, no? Then ask properly. Put your pleases fully. Someone should come and teach this and all?

Second, sorry. Ok, its understandable that you don't want to use 'I beg your pardon', because it, sort of indicates that the other person is your superior. They have invented a wonderful word called sorry na? 'Sry', 'sowwie' are some lame forms of it. Feeling half-sorry eh? Yen da ipdi?

Coming to thanks! Oh my Blessed Goodness ! Quite a hellhole of trouble this thanks goes through. You are thanking somebody, means that he/she has done something for you. A favour, obligation whatever. Can't you even say thank you properly? 'Ty', it seems. Be the case that please and sorry be excused, shortening thanks is nothing less than idiocy only. Idhula, 'tanks', 'tanx','tanq' vera? :-/

Leaving all these trivial things, I recently having had my b'day, was replying to my wall posts on Facebook, when to my shock, somebody had posted,


I mean, "Happy b'day" is fine but "hb", what the fuck?  You take all the pains to reach my home page and post "hb"? HB what? You want pencil ah? First get some manners. Then go looking for pencils; or oh wait, he meant to say, "Happy birthday"! Well, Mr.I'm-so-busy-to-type-a-few-extra-chars, keep your wish to yourself. I'm fine with 2 lesser letters.

Don't cut back on courtesy and favour please. Very bad impression, it gives.