Thursday, August 23, 2012

Are you watching closely?

I love the movie, 'The Prestige'. In fact, how many ever times I watch it, it never ceases to amaze me. Partly inspired to write this post from the movie's essence, "Are you watching closely?"

It was a challenging task. Shooting an eagle wasn't easy. He was stalking it for a long time. It sat perched on a cliff, and he on a nearby one. Carefully waiting, preparing for the right moment.

In fact, preparation went a long way back, right from honing his accuracy, timing and stamina. To chase around and incessantly pursue the tantalizingly evading bird. To watch the game dictating the game, convoluting his every plan, for a good dinner. This one was worth a lot. No one had come so close.

Now, was the time. A few moments, he went over it in his head. Everything was perfect. And just as the eagle bent down, to feed its hungry eaglet, he did it.

He did it. He felt so proud. All his hard work paid off. Now he would be paid, the promised fortune. People would relish this one!

And, as he got up from his crouching pose, he said to himself, "Phew, being a photographer is tough!"

P.S.: The photograph isn't mine.

P.P.S.: Did you think he was a hunter? Do leave a comment.