Saturday, June 25, 2011


Year 1998 - I was 5 years old and I lived in a town called Polur. I had been denied admission into UKG at a school in Nasik, (don't laugh, it happened  :-P ) on grounds that I was younger than the age limit for admissions. My family decided that I should stay with my grandparents and continue my education( kindergarden, haha!!). It was then that I began to adore my grandpa. He was a great and vibrant personality. There was this swift efficiency about him, that I liked the most. A partner at tv(he'd watch cartoons with me at 60, mind you! :-D), chess and carrom. He'd daily drop me at school and pick me up back from it. I had great love, respect and admiration for my grandpa as most of the townsfolk had. My grandpa was a well-known man in his time, at one point of time being the District Educational Officer(DEO) and practically knew most of the townsfolk.

Year 2000 - Two years passed, and my parents moved to Tambaram and I came back to living with them. After that, my grandparents would visit me frequently, my grandpa more often than both my grandparents because my grandpa did a lot of travelling.

In the following years, I'd always enjoy the days when grandpa visited me. We'd talk for a lot of time. He was a strict disciplinarian though he never bet or scolded me. That stare was enough to make me understand what he meant.

He had this peculiar habit of not telling of his visits for most of the times, intending to surprise me. I seldom was; because the white Ambassador car would stand with pride, pride commensurate of its owner, my grandpa.

Year 2011 March-  As I was returning from college, I saw a white Ambassador that stood silently at the entrance of my apartment, the same exact place. My heart leaped with joy. "Grandpa is here!! :-)". But alas!

Year 2008 August-  Grandpa slipped and fell down and hurt his head. He came down with a stroke with a hand and leg paralysed. It was unbelievable and shocking to see a man of such pride and confidence lay bed-ridden. He endured 8 long months, through my 11th std. He breathed his last during the last week of April 2009.

That one second of joy made me realize just how much I miss him. I miss you thatha.. Love you loads! :'(

Dedicated to my grandfather - H. Mahadeva Iyer. Proud to be your grandson.