Sunday, March 11, 2012

Twists n' turns

It was supposed to be a very boring and gloomy day, that had to be spent, with my face buried in the uninteresting pages of Roger Pressman's Software Engineering book.


Yet, what happened was very different.


Run, jump, think, outwit, hunt, treasure!! This was my excited view of a treasure hunt until first semester. But, one single participation in Agni '11's treasure hunt was enough to bring it all down. That day, was a very tiring one. The long runs from one end of the CEG campus to the other, didn't yield any fruit too. After then, I'd decided to, not participate in any treasure hunt.


Intecho '12 - MIT E&I


My friend Ramu had invited me to the General Quiz, and so we went, our group of friends. Attempted the quiz prelims and didn't qualify because of some exact terms that the quizmaster expected.


So, next what shall we do? There was C debugging. Ok, attempt that atleast. Wrote, didn't qualify. I think there is a jinx against me and debugging :D


I was very near to being pissed off and at that time, Ramu invited me for the treasure hunt. Oh, no! I wouldn't go. Then, Harikrishna said, he'd go in my place and I replaced him in the quiz finals with Shreeraman.

Oh, whatte quiz! A narrow difference of +-2 points continued between ours and one other team for 2nd place which eventually ended up in their winning. Till then, this was, in no way better than Roger Pressman.

Then, two good news. Ramu had qualified for treasure hunt finals and Hari had qualified for Circuitrix finals. So, again I replaced one teammate of Ramu's in the finals, since he had work to do and left.

Treasure hunt finals began at 3:20 p.m. The first clue was an anagram, to be figured out.


For a guy, who has adored Marlin and Nemo enough to watch the movie a dozen times, it was only a matter of milliseconds. Eh, the organizer was surprised at how quickly I retorted the answer.

We had five clues and one common theme. The clues were straightforward, but if someone didn't know their way around MIT, they were surely screwed. We went from Hangar-1 to the IN 252 aircraft to Golden Jubilee Park to the RO plant and collected our remaining slips and submitted them. Our theme was Harry Potter.


Finally we'd won something. When we went to collect our prizes, surprisingly we found that there was a thrid place or quiz!


On a day, where I went for quiz and didn't qualify;

On a day where no prelims were cracked by me;

On a day where again, debugging got the better of me;

On a day, where I participated in treasure hunt after  years, to win it, was sweet :)

All in all, the day was one to be enjoyed purely due to the mixed happenings!! :D