Monday, November 28, 2011

That Split Second

The world grew silent. Deafeningly silent. The silence was creating a void, or perhaps more appropriately, widening the nascent void...

In the midst of the abhorring realization, the question "Why?" seemed irrelevant. It just didn't matter anymore.

Having brought back into reality by a sharp pang, a wrench of the gut, the truth struck harder than ever. Exploding anger and excruciating pain vanished into thin air, for the mind knew he'd snap, if it were let loose.

As the sky would grow dark and eventually rain, eyes grew wet and a single tear fell. However, not silently.

It asked, "Losing something again for an unworthy cause?"

He said, "You'll be the last one."

And, synchronously, they uttered, "I'm sorry for you." The tear fell. The next didn't come.

He'd been betrayed by a friend.