Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012.

Farewell 2012.
Every year has been different in its own way, and 2012 hasn't definitely been the best, not even by a longshot. It has been a long, weary and trying year and definitely a good many lessons from it.

1. Shit happens.

Yes, not everything happens as per one's expectations. One can either sit, mope, cry out loud, attract sympathy and blame Fate or one can get up, brush your own shoulders, move on.

2. Disappointment is ephemeral.

Disappointment is a waste of time. Expectations are common of everyone, but when what is expected doesn't happen, coming down with disappointment is a very good way to waste time.

3. Depression is self-created and self-destroyed.

Be happy with what you still got, even if its the size of a coin. What you lost, might be your fault, but you still have, is definitely your talent.

4. Luck is a bitch.

Luck has a queer way of favouring someone when they are completely not dependent on it.

5. There are moments.

Here and there, in the dark corners of life, find the fleeting fireflies, those moments of true happiness and joy. Remember them, for they are worth remembering.

6. Life goes on.

Whatever happens life goes on. Don't ever think that the road has ended.

7. New-year resolutions are a waste of time.

Just because the calendar date changes from 31/12 to 1/1 doesn't mean, and somebody asks you, "Dude, any resolutions?", doesn't mean you gotta give 'em one. If you were gonna start doing something, any time was a good time. If you waited until today, saying, "I'll do it from the new year!", believe me, from experience, it hasn't been so very successful.

8. Finally, you are you. You are fine, you are perfect in your own way.

Have a good year ahead! I hope to, too. Welcome 2013.