Thursday, June 16, 2011


It was just yesterday that I finished this very wonderful book called "Towards Zero" by Agatha Christie. A very wonderful book indeed, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The final twist to things - the random prospect making all the difference that's needed was so wonderfully characteristic of the 'Queen Of Crime'. But then, more than all that, one other thing stays and triggers a thought in my mind. It is a quote from the book.

"I like a good detective story; But you know, they begin in the wrong place! They begin with the murder. But the murder is the end. The story begins long before that - years before sometimes - with all the causes and events that bring certain people to a certain place at a certain time on a certain day. All converging towards a given spot.  Zero Hour."

A very nice quote.

Now, if I were the author, where would I have begun? Is it the scene of murder that decides the prelude of events or do the train of events converge in murder? Now, for a real-time situation, it is at all times, the latter; But what about the fictional case? Where would it have begun? Now, I don't want the answer, because in most cases, the light of fact, just takes away the bliss of ignorant wonder,( ain't I right?) But, if someone were to read this post, and on their mind, were to come a thought of leaving a comment, I would like to know the answer.

Now, did I start writing this post, in view of others' comments? Or did I, just to express my own thoughts?

Befuddled, to find the answer.

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