Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tirumalpur Fast!

Two guys started shouting "வழி வழி!" and started their dash towards the door. I, one of the unfortunate victims in the way, was nearly knocked over and one of the straps of my bag came off my shoulder. My immediate instinct indicated a "Otha dei" to my mouth but my mind adviced better to follow these people lest I wish not to get down at Guindy. The next few seconds got warped into time, with me having no idea what happened. One thing that I do know, is that the guy who successfully managed to get down, wanted to write about it.

Here are certain rules that you need to know about getting on and travelling on a Thirumalpur Fast.

1) If you get on a TMPL Fast, you do not get down before Tambaram.

2) If you get on a TMPL Fast, you do not f**king get down before Tambaram.

3) If its your first time on a TMPL Fast, be ready to hear some sensationally-sweet, honey coated words whenever train comes to a station.(sarcasm intended)

4) Forget any signs of decency or politeness whenever the train nears a station where its gonna stop.
Because those who are waiting to get into that train, are like this.

And, after getting down, that is, if you manage to, You'll look like this.

Maybe the Station Master will come and congratulate you, for your courageous endeavour, like this.

Thirumalpur Fast, whatte train!