Thursday, August 16, 2012

Awesome Nature

Just returning back from a tour of exotic places like Wayanad, Coorg, etc, thoughts keep reeling upon the stunning beauty of Nature which has been praised upon from the time of Man.

Still, there can be no words enough to describe a breathtakingly beautiful scene, ephemeral or ever-lasting.

Among the visceral appreciation that one attributes toward Nature, flowers are the beautiful ladies. Here are some pictures that I couldn't resist sharing. To me, each one tells a tale. I be a lone audience? I do not know.

A beautiful red. Red is a colour of different shades. Bright red is flashy and cute. But the deeper shades are more beautiful. Just like love. Red hearts.

Those really great moments of life that are cherished forever are like dew drops. Life, in itself, may be beautiful, but along with these dew drops, it gets compounded and is definitely a sight to behold.

Cheerfulness is a virtue that, not all possess. It is contagious. A full blossom is very cheerful. In fact, it brings a smile to the face. Doesn't it?

Silence is golden. Humility transcends silence. Beauty, combined with humility is something that cannot be described. Bashfully, the flower looks down, so people would bow and awe its beauty.

Standing tall. Head held high and inspiring. What is sometimes missed is that, this is not a single flower. It is a cluster. Alleviates the whole meaning of 'togetherness'.

A beautiful shade of pink and a gorgeous flower. Though this flower will wither and fall off shortly, that is not what you see when you look at it. Death is permanent, but life is not spent expecting it. Now is (a) present.

Sometimes, looking forward can be a warm feeling. Hope is a good thing, probably the best of things. Sometimes, people deserve to get their faith rewarded. When they are, thankfully they look up to the sky, believing in some power - God, luck, probability, conscience, karma, something.

No man is without faith. It is what keeps us going. Inspiration exists. It is only in the perspective. An unpolished diamond is a rock in the gander of an artless fool.

I like the word, 'beautiful'. It has got a nice ring to it. Nature is beautiful. Flowers are only a part of Nature.