Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Smile

First of all, I haven't been a hosteler. The last time that I was away from family was during the NCC camp, which was in 9th standard.


However, whenever family conversations come up, as they have so many times, most during the 12th standard holidays, "Be prepared to live in a hostel!" was a common sentence, which would inevitably be followed by long speeches, on how bad, a hostel can turn out to be. My usual retorting rant would be, "Ah! No problem at all.. Plus, you wouldn't be nagging me at all times Ma :D ". I'm pretty much sure this would've happened to every single college-student out there.

During sometimes when I was very very jobless(this happened a lot during 12th holidays), my thoughts would drift to "Life as a hosteler". And, I tell you, imaginations can be very hilarious.

But then, I am not a hosteler. I'm a day-scholar(read poor soul) who commutes from Tambaram to CEG, everyday. Travel was, ohmygod, a bad bad nightmare(I know, nightmares are already bad :D ). Getting used to it took almost a semester. Nowadays, though, it is actually enjoyable. For example, like the green chudhidhar. LOL :D

But coming back, as I said, I've never lived the life of a hosteler. Hell, I thought, I'd never miss anyone if I were a hosteler. But yesterday, perspectives changed. My friend Karthikeyan's parents had come from his hometown. You should've seen the smile on his face when he saw them. Wah, priceless.

That was joy, coming at the bottom of the heart. I realized that "Everyone can talk the talk, but only a few, walk the walk" like how uncle says in Jackie Chan adventures.

P.S.: Home, sweet home. Nothing can substitute it :)