Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just choose!

You can make a choice.

You can decide what you want.

After all, it is your life.

You can choose to

Blame fate.


Be desperate.

Curse your bad decisions.

Beg God for something good.

Be depressed about your misfortunes.

Wait for something good.

Ruin your beautiful today.


Forget and be haunted by it.

Look back and regret what you didn't do.


You can choose to

Take things as they come.


Be patient.

Learn from your bad decisions and move on.

Thank God for making today a memory, or an experience.

Look out for whatever good that you have, and feel, "It ain't so bad!"

Strive and deserve.

Do something that'd make it memorable.


Forgive and feel proud.

Look back, smile heartily and walk forward.

"I am what I am, because I choose to be.". You are, too. Just choose.