Monday, May 28, 2012

How huge Facebook actually is!

Disclaimer : This is any sort of facebook ad, and neither am I an advertiser. I'm just a undergrad who hopes to be placed in the aforementioned company, somewhere in the future! :D

Everyone knows that Facebook is huge, in terms of people, activity, and lots of other stuff. There was this discussion on Quora on whether Facebook notifications were kept count of. An interesting topic, I thought and it struck me that I should try to find it out myself. Following some of the most randomly recent stuff, I sought to find out this and I came up with the following stuff.

Likes :

There you go, "id=2707916356750". A 13 digit value! If these were in fact, in order of uniqueness, since Facebook maintains a timeline which keeps an account of all activity on Facebook, I'm guessing that this IS a unique 'like' identifier, which then means that there are more than 2 trillion likes on Facebook already. And that was a month back. Maybe millions more by now :-P

Then, as it did, my curiosity went deeper and I found something similar with groups too.

There you go again, "....groups/350924038264868/" A 15 digit value! Now, that would possibly mean that there are more number of groups than there are likes which seems slightly absurd. But then, considering that there are different types of groups and each one is indexed in a different way, some of the digits could stand for an indexing code maybe. But then, I'm just guessing :-D

However, this does give an idea about how large Facebook is, in terms of 2 very big numbers or so it seems. Who knows?  Explore around!

Have your fun with Facebook :D