Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Judge, The Judged and Chaos

They say that the absence of a practicable set of rules is called anarchy. The state of not following such a strict regime is chaos. Looking deeper into the sentence, it accounts for all the situations where there is chaos. This leads us to the first.

The Judge :-

So, who's the judge? The guy who knows everything? No, definitely not. The judge is simply someone who is a follower of the existent set of rules and who dutifully gives an opinion based on the rules that he meticulously follows,  when asked to. Does his power extend more than that? The answer to that is "No". What if the set of rules didn't exist?

Now, we'll stop at that and move on to the second.

The Judged :-

The judged is someone who, supposedly violated an existent set of rules and is obligated to follow the verdict(read opinion) pronounced by the judge mentioned afore. Based on the concept of society, he is forced to obliged, or rather, shoved that opinion down his rear. What if the rules didn't exist?

Now, if the rules don't exist, then, it is equivalent to everyone having his/her own set of rules and such an existence is called 'survival' and the 'judged's actions now come to be called 'survival instinct'.

There is order only till there is obligation, which indirectly refers to the existence of a system, which we are bound to follow. When there isn't, one sentence does eventually gain to supreme position, and that is "Shut your trap and go to hell!", don't you agree?

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