Monday, November 14, 2011

Chaos on the road

What wrong did I do? All that I wanted to do was drive till MIT so that I could board a train!!

So, ppl, since you've all been patient enough to read my other posts, hear this outburst of mine too :-P

Hey you Dominos, Pizza hut and all the other idiots out there!! Do you know how idiotic your policy is? How much inconvenience it causes others? They are the cause of so many accidents.  Life is NFS uh? Are you playing tollbooth trials? The driver is a classical example of modern world. He'll probably get a memo or a pink-slip(at worst) for not driving fast. I agree that your fatass boss agreed to deliver all the pizzas in half an hour so that the lazy bums who can't even cook or go to a nearby store(ignore the emergency cases) can fill their tummies quick with all the junk. You know how bad your actions are?

Next are the share-autos. I agree that you've to pick up and drop many people but then, you'll stop whenever and wherever you want ah? The road is your property uh? Bleddy you, I won't forgive generations of your kind for asking 20 rupees from Guindy to CEG when it rains. You ppl must be renamed "Highway- Robbers"!

Hey L-board aunty!! This is the 4th vehicle your putting that board on. You know to drive no? Then why that board? Can't drive without it ah? I think you are a Flintstones fan. Your leg is a multi-purpose instrument ah? When starting, it gives extra- pickup. When stopping, its an emergency brake. Also, not to forget them being "flight-stabilizers" in traffic!!

Hey you, idiyattu, I agree that you're an Abishek Bachchan fan, so, you'll do whatever he tells ah? He told "Walk and talk" inside your home, you dumbo, not while crossing the road!!

The road is full of idiots, and the ones here are only the less-serious ones. The others are the stupid guys who want to flaunt their Apaches n Pulsars and the jaywalkers.

Do understand that walking irresponsibly is also a sin.

Drive safe and walk responsibly.

A little inspiration from RJ Balaji's status update for the message and LocalParty for the language license :-)

\*unleash your thoughts*/