Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Realization

Knowing me, I'm a person of lots of opinions. Some strong and some feeble. One thing that I do definitely believe in is that, 'A classroom is not a place.'

Yes, "A classroom is not a place."

According to me, a classroom is an experience. What goes in, and what comes out, are different things, unless you have a queer and unbeatable habit of sleep and lethargy. Ignoring all that, a good class is enjoyed, a tedious class is pulled through whereas a bad class is enjoyed.

Might sound queer, but there's nothing more a vexatiously funny fact than a teacher being unprepared for class. Its almost, if not definitely, an oxymoron.

Anyway, even there, some realization happens. And, that something is,

"இவனுக்கெல்லாம்  வேலை கிடைக்கும்போது , எனக்கு கண்டிப்பா  கிடைக்கும்  டா !"