Friday, November 30, 2012

Ruddy hoaxes!

Yesterday, was a bit unusual. For once, there were 2 hoaxes on the same day. For the rest of this post, you will find uncanny and unwarranted appearances of the word 'something'. Ats you keep reading, you'll understand why.

First one. There was this guy called Nostradamus. Pretty good seer, history says. Anyway, that guy was really good at writing Haikoos which had a variety of possible expansions, so much so that it could very well fit any of the important events in the forthcoming history of around 500 years from the Storming of the Bastille to the 9/11. Anyhow, Nostradamus didn't consider himself to be a prophet or whatever and he left behind around 941 sayings in a book which was published in 3 editions called 'Les Propheties'. However one jobless 'something' on a very fine day, who was good at cryptic writing and Photoshop went on and created this.

What a fuss! And all these 'something' online news channels and others went onto write huge articles about this without even verifying the authenticity of it. For once, I checked Les Propheties and made sure that no such bull-crap is present there. Some 'something' wanted to get popular on 9gag and Facebook and went onto spew some 'something' which as almost everything goes today, went viral.

Moreover, the thing about the Doomsday started about 2009-ish ( not sure about this ). It has been 3 years and its not even funny anymore. Too boring to keep on ranting the same 'something'. A similar occurence can be attributed to the 'War of the Worlds' novel, although comparatively people are much more intelligent now. Else, I'd imagine they'd be running in the street gathering provisions to stock.

Secondly, there was this on Whatsapp that made so much stupid spam that I had to switch off my mobile Internet for a while. Seriously, what a freeloader 'something'! You think they weren't gonna charge? Whatsapp has a 1-year free usage policy after which an annual fee is expected to be paid to continue its usage. Forwarding a message won't help with your freeloading! Some problem with their status settings and all the 'something' spam messages start flooding. What a bunch of 'something's!

This reply to the spam by an anonymous person was funny.
"In an hour the whatsapp aircraft will be flying over India to censor all active whatsapp users. You must stand on your terrace in a pink underwear and wave a purple polka dotted flag at the plane while doing the macarena. After doing this your whatsapp service will be restored. If you do not broadcast this message an alien will come down and slap you with a fish.It works. This is for all the retards who think sending a message would turn your icon blue or red and you'll be a permanent user."

However, the day has gone and the rough seas have calmed. Maybe Gangnam Style will hit a billion views on December 21st, but that doesn't mean any bat-shit! I do however, hope people don't go around running in the 3rd week of December gathering provisions for survival. It was funny, but its too boring nowadays. Ciao!