Friday, December 9, 2011

The Glance

They say that time changes everything..

It hasn't been too long.. We didn't have much in common; the endless arguments, the "Hmph!" and the turn of the heads after a petty quarrel are still there, there in my head.. Sweet :)

How much time we were together I can't even measure. As friends. Whenever you spoke at length and shared your feelings, all I could do was, give an assuring smile and say, "Everything'll be fine :) dont worry.."

Then, the time together grew shorter, but I still cherished what was left of it.. After a couple of years, it was as though I didn't even know you, the one standing in front of me. You'd grown silent, retracted, and spoke only when spoken to. It was completely unlike you, but I believed you'd do just fine. I guess you are, even now.

I saw you on the road today, you glanced. I recognized you, but you didn't. You probably, don't even know how I look like. It did goad a little, and I think its my mistake..

Though I know a lot of people by that name, do know, that whenever I hear that name, the first person that comes into my mind, is you..

I do miss you, and I am still your friend, atleast on Facebook.

Time does change everything.

I wonder how you'd have felt if you had recognized me :)