Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What a spectacular ending!

Somehow, I think that T20s are too flashy, commercial; filmy even; I think its because of IPL. I am one of those people who fell in love with Test Cricket watching Dravid, Laxman and Lara explore its beautiful bittersweet caverns.

But, out of the blue, today, I enjoyed a T20 match very much. What a brilliant match between India and New Zealand! Tantalizingly so, India lost by 1 run. Aaaaahh!

That final over was just too brilliant. Screwing up the best chance they had with 7 overs remaining and 49 runs needed, Dhoni and Yuvaraj had bought the equation down to 25 from 12 balls. At first, I was furious at their disastrous batting! Then I realized Vettori's brilliant tactic of saving the medium pacers for the last.

Nerves were wracking. Sitting on the egde. Rotating strike through singles and doubles wasn't enough. And, at 18.4, Yuvaraj hit a brilliant six. Returning from cancer treatment, it was his time to shine, and for quite sometime, he did. A very valiant effort!

Last over. 13 runs needed. If someone were to walk in at that moment, he'd have said, "Ah, Dhoni and Yuvi na? Easily they'll score." But I, having watched the previous overs, wasn't so sure.

Scoring a single, it was Dhoni's turn. And, for God's sake, Dhoni was disastrous. Swinging the bat like a wild boar on rampage! Luckily, it hit the bat and went for 4.

8 from 4.


7 from 4.

A deep breath. "Happa!"


6 from 3.

Yuvi on strike, facing Franklin. It was surely going to be the slow ball. But who would've predicted that Franklin would conjure that beautiful one from back of the hand? Before he knew it, Yuvi had lost his stumps trying to go for a six. Always a bad habit! 3 balls there no? Why hurry?

2 balls. 6 runs. Rohit Sharma. I was facepalming.


Last ball 4 runs. And, another double was all that could be managed.

Lost. By 1 run.

Such close encounters, edge-of-the-seats moments, seen and cherished on ODIs, rarely occured in a T20. Last I remembered such a thing, it was the first T20 World Cup final.

Vettori had planned and gambled, it had paid off. It was a brilliant match. One I surely wanted to write about :)

P.S.: Kohli's innings was beautiful. Wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention it.