Friday, January 25, 2013

I Just Dont See The Point!

This has been as much on my mind as much as it has been in the recent news. I would have had to make a few disclaimers before starting, but then, who cares ? When there is utmost care, there is controversy. When will there be not?

This post is about 'Viswaroopam' and all that is surrounding it. I think there are a few valid points on my mind.

1. I am no die-hard fan of Kamal Hassan, but I like his acting. Some of his movies like Panchathanthiram, Pammal K Sambandham and Vasool Raja MBBS are timeless comedies. Epic, how many ever times you watch 'em. Having this in mind, I think there ought to be some respect for the man before you starting yelling, "Ouch, my sentiments are hurt."

2. The movie's censorship certificate was signed with a Muslim on board. If his sentiments were hurt, it would have been an issue with the censor board. I just don't get the point, so let me iterate what I've understood.
--> I haven't seen the movie, same goes for you.

--> I don't even know if I'll like the movie if I see it, same goes for you.

--> I dont think Kamal Hassan's itinerary goes like, "Today : make 2 scenes hurting Muslim sentiments."

So, what's wrong ? Which sentiments of yours exactly got hurt yet ?

3. Who exactly do you represent ? 100 % of your community ? Every single one of them ? All their sentiments are hurt ? How do you know ? You took a poll ? You asked them ? You know it by Divine Intervention ?

4. Maybe, it is all true. Maybe the movie does contain such scenes. But there is a way to handle all that. Let the movie release, observe the first day reviews, and if people feel so, then go ahead; ban it. Even permanently then. But what idiocy is this to ban a movie even before it has released ? Aren't you just being narrow-minded and skeptical ?

5. Every single rationally sane person has equal amount of respect for all religion and believes that the ultimate goal of all religion lead to God. Any person can judge if some particular sentiment has been hurt or not.

6. Kamal Hassan has been a man surrounded by controversies; public and private life. His different attempt at DTH release before theatrical release, was an attempt at publicity definitely, but the controversy surrounding that, would've been acceptable. The controversy that is going on right now, is the last thing Kamal Hassan would've ever wanted.

If you went all TL;DR style,

I think the ban is stupid. I don't agree with it. Who knows? Maybe even a few Muslims might agree with me. All things said, this is only my personal opinion and hence, if you don't agree with my viewpoint, I'm sure we can agree to disagree.

I really hope to watch the movie and decide for myself whether sentiments are hurt or not!