Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A waver of thought :D

It was a summer morning( :P, today morning) and I was driving on the GST road. Twas too good a weather to concentrate just on the empty black road and so the process of thought waver began. I noticed a tree which looked like a "Flame Of The Forest" just as I crossed the National Siddha Institute. Its red flare seemed to contradict the blue composure of the sky behind. Then, I noticed a couple of people crossing the road while the signal was still green for vehicles and I thought "kaalangarthaala  enna thaan apdi avasaramo!!"("What could possibly be the hurry so early in the morning!!"). A few many buses, cars and two-wheelers shared the black space below our wheels. Thus I was noticing a few things and giving my own opinions about them on my mind.

Then, I heard a low thud. And the sound of aluminium being hammered. A quick glance at the side was all it took to realise the situation. A young man, probably in his thirties, and headed for office, had probably had some thought wavers just like me and to his misfortune, had rammed into the barricade that narrows down the lane below the MIT bridge. No serious damage, thank goodness :)

After that, did the realisation came. "Its your lucky day that you weren't the guy who rammed the barricade"........

The next immediate thought was "However fine the weather is, look at the road and only the road!" :P


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