Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Search


Decimal? No. The 14th of Feb.

Where's the year? Well, who cares. Was it gonna make a difference? Nope. It would be one of those countlessly many normal days when the sun rose as usual, set as usual and everything else happened as usual including my routine sleep in class. Anyway, one among the few teenagers, who thought so, was me.

Feb 14th. Valentine's day. Oh my god, Oh my god! The best day of the year. Wonderful day. Beautiful day. Day of destiny. The others probably thought like this.

However, this day, this particular day became a particularly and curiously interesting one.

*cough* *cough*

No, I am not going to tell a love story, neither did I see the girl in green chudidhar again. If you were hoping so, please close this tab.

Thus, I begin my narration of "How I found my bag!".

Yes, my bag. Bag, bag, bag.

Starring : Guruprasad.
Co-stars - Myself and Kaushik Jaganathan.

It all started at 1:15. Lunch was over and I had to go to my dept(CSE) and finish off small works there. Guru was sitting at the sundial, apparently waiting to go out(probably for lunch).

"Dei Guru, I'll go to the dept and be back soon, will you take care of my bag until then?"
"Sure da. Text when your work is done."

I went to the dept, forgetting the fact that 1 to 2 was lunch break. I had to wait until 2 and my job was done. I came to the sundial and to my surprise, my bag was gone. So, was Guru. I called him; not reachable. I called two others and they didn't have it. Then, Guru called back and asked me to check in the Z hall of EEE dept where he'd left it when he went there to meet some of his pals.

The Z hall was empty, "empty". I searched every nook and corner, but no, my bag wasn't there. I called Guru again and said this. He called back n said that Kaushik might have it and he called Kaushik.

In the meantime, Kaushik had taken my bag, which Guru had forgotten in the EEE dept and took it to his home(in Alwarpet). I sighed and thought, "Phew! Atleast its there; I can get it now."

But, anga thaan director twist vekkaraaru! (This is where, the twist of things happens!)

Kaushik's friend had his birthday today and he had gone to EA to buy a gift for him and Kaushik wouldn't be back until 5:30 p.m. :-P My German textbooks, workbook, bike key et al was in bag and, thereby, I could neither go to German class nor go home.

Guru called. "Dei, I'll get it for you da. We'll go in my bike."

But then, Fate wouldn't make it so easy for me. Guru's license was in his uncle's home and so, he went by bus and was back with my bag. Time - 6:10 p.m.

Phew, man, I was glad to see that bag(never been so much!). Hung it around my shoulder, thought of going back to German class.

But then, decided against it. "I've had enough entertainment for one day. Let me go home.". And, so I came back home and laughed at the irony of things because, today morning I decided, "Innikkavadhu German class ku time kku pogalam!"(Let me go to German class, on time, atleast today!"). HAHA.

Whatte day! :)