Friday, November 9, 2012

With amazing titles, don't come amazing movies!

I just got to watch 'The Amazing Spider-Man'. It has been almost half an hour since the movie ended and I'm still awestruck at the magnitude of a disaster that was. Maybe they should've titled it, "A Ridiculous Reboot of The Amazing Spiderman".

I mean, you can't just leave out the best things out of a franchise and go on to reboot it! I'm much tempted to say, "Hey Stan Lee! Don't watch the movie dude! You're old already. I fear you might get a heart-attack." The movie did bring in one thing from the cartoon series, the web-slingers, but no, without a good story, what is the use of a web-slinger? Spider-man shoots web, and I for one, don't give a shit where it comes from - his wrist or a web-slinger. Disappointment.

Second, why did Captain Stacy die? If there's one unsaid rule about movies, it is, 'If its a character or worth, and if you're gonna kill him, make a hero out of him prior'. If Mark Webb thought that carrying a bottle of antidote to the hero and putting some bullets on the Lizard was enough, sadly no. It wasn't. Disappoinment number 2.

Third, where the fuck is Mary Jane Watson? After all, she is Spiderman's primary love interest. If at least, they had skipped the dialog of, "Don't make promises that you can't keep!", "But that's the best part.", we could've atleast reached a hapless inference that Peter would go onto date MJW in the reboot. Huuuuge disappointment.

Moreover, the graphics and quality of detail has improved significantly since the first Spiderman movie; but then, it doesn't matter. I nearly dozed off twice during the movie! The crane scene was a gimmicky one, but then fails to make an impact. I was so looking forward to "With great power, comes great responsibility." dialog. It was a beauty. It was signature. I was hoping that it would come atleast in the voicemail message that Peter hears, but no. Again, another disappointment. The worst of them all.

Finally, Eduardo Saverin is Eduardo Saverin, not Peter Parker. Toby MacGuire, gay, small, whatever you may call him, he was definitely the better Spiderman.

The climax of the movie hints a sequel/prequel. I don't think I'll watch it. And this is one of the worst scenarios for a director to be in. Mark Webb, you have taken the best of Marvel's superheros and brought him down to the common man's level.

Superhero movies are usually either  wonderful, very good or in the worst case, boring. But this one, a sore disappointment.

P.S.: Please don't watch it.