Friday, November 4, 2011

The Event, the Hope and It Not Happening

Its the first week of November and third internal assessments are on their way. The covet of internals and the desperate attempts to boost it above that small yet huge benchmark '40'.

Suddenly, in the face of internals, 40 seems such a huge number and the woes of a student to cross it, is in itself a terrible journey :-D

All that put aside, one thing hasn't happened yet. Its the first week of November. Only two more weeks for the semester and it hasn't happened yet.

The circular only added to the worries. The last working day is the 12th of November(only 8 days more) and it hasn't happened.

Why the change? For, it has happened so regularly in the past!!

And, that what hasn't happened is that, A holiday hasn't been declared due to rains.

The fact about Indian roads are known to all. What do you think we students are?

Oh, the journey on a two-wheeler wouldn't get more miserable !!

For those, who'd say "Driving in rain is so much fun!", try that in my colony. You'll never drive in rain again.

Trust me, Motocross and Rally driving tracks are much much better.

We're already in a pitiable state carrying our bags(and all other accessories like the drafter, chart box etc), that someone could mistake us for returning from an army camp if we were to dress in a uniform :-/

What's wrong with giving that one day leave?

Bear Grylls probably, would have it easier. Maybe, I should ask him to do an episode - "Travel to CEG on a rainy day!"

Expedition it really is.

The people(office-goers etc) already look at you like an alien if you're carrying a bag inside a train or bus, and would do all sorts of things to irritate you and finally, unshoulder your bag, and giving it to a sitting person. Now, added to that, the raincoat. He'll look at you like you're *something* :-P

How come only schools get holidays? ;-> You ppl are unfair. Just because we came to college doesn't mean we're not students, you know? In fact, we're even poorer souls.

The rain, too, why doesn't it rain continuously? Either it rains all night and clears up early morning or it rains after i reach college. Damn it.

Whatever said and done, third internals are on their way and the quest to boost internals are too. No use hoping for a holiday, I better study "Performance and optimization of disk block access" :-D

\*unleash your thoughts*/