Monday, November 7, 2011

What do you care?

In the recent months, quite a few things happened. Some important, some not so important. One very noticed thing was the demise of the co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs.

Following it , there was a lot of RIPs, praise, facebook photo dedications and stuff. Adding to that, there was also a lot of scorn over the publicity and the "not-so-greatness" of Steve Jobs.

When I read this article, I can't stop laughing. Steve Jobs wan't great? Nonsense. And, the reasons cited are scornable ! He wasn't great just because he didn't donate lavish amounts to charity? Ridiculous.

So, what makes  you great is donating to charity uh? HAHAHA!! :-/

Look at a man, dropped out from an arts college and becoming one of the leaders in mobile and computer technology innovation ! What is not great?

What do you care about his personal life? Isaac Newton said : "If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants.”

Now, why would you look at the skeletons in the giant's cupboard? Do you want his productive mind or his long-past love affair? His creativity or his psychedelic experiences?

If someone said that Steve Jobs wasn't great because he didn't donate to charity or because he had a love affair or drug practices - my friend, you are blinded(or most probably jealous! :-D)

Standing up against someone requires courage. Standing up against all odds in life requires a lot of it. To send the odds crashing down, is a marvel. Steve Jobs was one who did.

Personal life of others is nothing of our concern. There is nothing wrong in living  for yourself. Whatever you do extra is out of your own courtesy. So, you may say "Steve Jobs wan't that courteous!", but definitely not "Steve Jobs wasn't great!".

Maybe you people would scorn even Newton and Galileo if you were to know their full personal lives.

Anyway, all of this is my opinion. If you will still go ahead and say "Steve Jobs wasn't great, he wasn't even close!", you may do as you please :)

*unleash your thoughts*/