Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flash mob!

Today I was late. Errr, not exactly me. But me and Dad start together, and by the time I got ready, it got late for dad. Needless to say, I got my usual dose. Came to the train station, and to my relief, as soon as I climbed down the stairs, after buying the ticket, the train came.

So, got into the train, plugged in my headset and put it on shuffle. Random songs played, but my mind was elsewhere. 'Will start early tomorrow', I said to myself. And, just as the train's crowd was re-arranging itself so that each one is in the least miserable position for himself, a huge guy came and stood beside me. He wasn't muscular and all. But, must've been some 6'8" surely. My head was at the level of his shoulders."'I am not so tall myself, eh?", I thought to myself.

Thoughts had drifted since the tall guy came into vicinity, and I was gazing randomly here and there, and occasionally at my bag which lay at the top of the shelf, somewhere inside. And, just as the train reached the next station, my ears were attracted by another song, one coming from outside the headsets.

These trains, they are like living organisms. Sometimes, you could hear some random Tamizh song(yes, I will not use Tamil ), coming from the loudspeaker of a Chinese or Korean mobile designed to be loud and intended to be irritating! Else, 'dan dan dan' will go the clattering of a wooden stick over an ever-silver plate. Or, some poor disabled person, singing a song that is supposed to arouse sympathy.

But today, it was different. It was like flash mob and surprisingly, they were singing 'கந்த சஷ்டி கவசம்'. I removed my headsets and started listening. It was beautiful. Slowly people joined together, and the devotional aura was simple awesome. By the time it was done, it was Guindy. They switched over to other songs, bhajans etc.

One thing bothered me though. There was this lady with her 2 children, not the sophisticated ones. The kind who take one child in the arms and play the ever-silver drum, while the other performs acrobatics. This coach was however crowded. Its difficult for someone to do a flip in empty space, let alone in a crowded coach. The lady was disappointed at the sound coming from the other side of the coach. 30 rupees, her loss, maybe. What did I know?

It just struck me that whenever some event occurs, however good it maybe, there is at least someone who doesn't like it.

I didn't regret being late. If I hadn't been late, I would've missed such a beautiful event. I look forward to something similar again.